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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Writing Challenge Week 1 - cont..

And the all seeing eye keeps watching..

Here's my effort inspired from the word 'brutality'

The Genocide

I am a girl of seven,
At least I think I am,
I may have had a birthday
since the days rolled into one.

I used to have a daddy,
Used to have a mummy too,
They shot my daddy straight down dead,
I knew not what to do.

My mummy clung around his neck,
Just like a forlorn swan,
But then they dragged her from him,
And ripped off all her clothes.

I don't quite know what happened next -
They lay her on the floor,
I was far too scared to look,
I heard her scream 'no more'.

They stopped what they were doing
Long enough to shoot her too,
My baby brother was crying for her milk
I knew not what to do.

I took him in my arms and ran,
I've ran and ran for days,
I don't know where we're going
Or why we've had to go away.


  1. Wow, very powerful Tansy! Well done! :-))))

  2. Extremely powerful words, Tansy. No punches pulled at all throughout a very direct and honest poem. Very good. :)