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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday's blog is full of grace..x

And the all seeing eye keeps watching..

Much fun was to be had by all today at the festival, we watched 2 fantastic shows, enjoyed an hour of street theatre and then had some tea before playing at Princes Street garden's park til nearly bedtime :) well the kids played and I took some pictures and read my beloved kindle. It is invigorating to see Edinburgh in carnival mode, also going to the festival each year has formed some of my earliest memories, as I have been to shows and street theatre every year since I've been born!! I feel very lucky and grateful to live in such a cosmopolitan and cultured city, and it is also fab the abundance of parks and green areas dotted all over the city. The facilities for children and families are second to none. I can truly say I'm proud to be an Edinburger.

Much to my surprise, I learned a new the Metro of all places, on the way home on the bus: Peripatetic..sounds brilliant eh. I must admit I am a bit of a word geek, a trait that has followed me from childhood. You can find the definition here I love this site, haha how nerdy is that!!

Thinking of words and wordplay has got me thinking today about the recent fuss surrounding 3 word poetry. I'm sorry but 3 words hardly make a sentence, never mind a poem. I totally don't buy into it at all..all of a sudden 'what's for tea' or 'pass the salt' or 'nice weather today' constitutes a poem, pffft!!! How ridiculous. I think some people are 'chewing the fat' or 'taking the p*ss'. One form however that does appeal to me is 3 line poetry. Give me the delectable haiku any day of the week - simple, strict, succinct - Perfect. In true Blue Peter style, here are a couple I prepared earlier (the first, kinda self explanatory just for fun, written 13/10/2010, and the second, written 29/10/2010 about a leitmotif in my life, the peacock) :-

To A Haiku
Haiku, what are you
Seventeen times syllables
Seldom, yet wise words.

Mayurakshi jade
Hera's enthroned hundred watch
Guarding Lokrum's gates.

Back to my housework. As the brothers Warner would say..That's all folks.

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