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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Death by hot chocolate

And the all seeing eye keeps watching..

Well its been almost a week!!! I have been terribly neglecting my new blog, tut tut..

In my defence I have had a lot on - Had a short visit to hospital due this horrible spd pregnancy thing..suffice to say I was in excruciating pain and literally couldn't walk for two days :( Try that with the added pressure of three live wires of boys on school holidays to contend with. Not as easy task. baby is fine though but still breech with 9weeks to go!!

On top of that it was the third anniversary of my daughter's death on Saturday, a sad occasion indeed.

And my third excuse is: it's the start of a new school term tomorrow here in Edinburgh, yay for all the long suffering mums!!! So...there has been a mad flurry of trips to shops, buying of uniform, school bags, gym kits and stationary, as well as negotiating with pre-teen huffs of  'I'm not wearing that', and 'Can you buy me this'..Aargh, enough to drive anyone mad I tell you.

So I have been stressed, sad and exhausted, so exhausted I couldn't even entertain the idea of going online and keeping up with the worldly webby goings on. On top of all that, with everything going on, I have managed to completely miss the first few days of the Edinburgh book festival, a wonderful annual event. Check it out here

Just thought I'd share a little anecdote about something that happened to me today..don't laugh!! The kids and I had a trip to Ikea this afternoon and after an hour trailing round the shop to not find what I was looking for, we stopped in at the cafe for some food. Now as you might know Ikea cafes have play areas. So, after lunch the kids go off to play for a bit and reaching into my bag I realise to my horror that I didn't bring my kindle and certainly didn't want to sit and stare at the ceiling for half an hour. So I thought I'd diffuse my boredom by browsing the facebook homepage on my phone and see what everyone was ranting about today that they hadn't already said every other day for the last however many months. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Next thing I knew my phone had slipped out my hand and slam dunked straight into my cup of hot chocolate (much to the amusement of the woman sitting at the table next us). So now my phone is broken, I have no contact with the outside world, if I go into 9wk premature labour tonight (hardly likely, drama queen lol) it is a 5minute walk to the nearest phone box..but worst of all I have no alarm to wake me up tomorrow, so we will probably all be late on the first day of term. Not good!!! And all because I forgot my kindle..there's no way that would have ever fitted into the cup. So the moral of the story is...BE PREPARED.

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